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Yesterday was commencement. As always, it was so moving. All who process (faculty, trustees, new graduates, 25th anniversary class), all line up on campus and are led by bagpipes down the street to the town green. The sidewalks are lined with cheering families with their cameras.

The speaker was Frances Bieneke, president of the Natural Resources Defense Council – addressing how much our graduates are needed in today’s world.

John Miller was selected by the class to give the class speech. He also received the Max Kempner award for service to the school. I am excited to also report that John will be joining the Admissions Office in August as our Associate Director.

I always joke that I attend commencement to make sure the 3rd years are really leaving – I need their parking spaces and apartments for the entering class in August! However, this class was special, they will be missed.

Peace be with you as you prep for bar exams and go out into the world.


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