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Memorial Day Holiday

Today is our Memorial Day holiday . . . and it is a picture perfect day in Vermont. Sunny with temps in the mid-60’s and a nice breeze. (In my next life, I should be a weather person). I made a promise to self not to work today – with the exception of this blog entry and checking in on the admitted students facebook page.

A few weeks ago, I took advantage of a great opportunity to purchase my old laptop from the law school. The warranty has expired, but it was my laptop and I know it inside and out. So, now we have a desktop pc and a laptop at home. Since husband works from home and is on the computer all hours of the day or night, I realized that this was the perfect time to go wireless.  With just a couple of consultations with the helpful guys at Staples and Comcast, I was able to set up all the connection! I am sitting outdoors in the sun writing this post.    Life is good 🙂

No matter what our political views are or how we feel about war, all Americans should unite on this day to thank our veterans.


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