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Family Vacation Time

I have been on vacation since last Wednesday. My mother came up from Central Florida to visit. She complains about the heat in Florida (and I heartily agree with her), but she does not tolerate the cooler weather of Vermont. Our temps have been in the mid-60’s and she is living in one of my heavier fleece jackets – I am in short sleeves and sandals!

On Thursday, we drove to Burlington for the Vermont Quilt Festival. We are both avid quilters, so always schedule her visit to coincide with the show. The largest show in the Northeast, we saw lots of beautiful quilts and spent a little money with the vendors. We had planned to return on Friday, but felt more inspired to stay home and work on my current project – a large sampler. It was a dark and rainy day, so there were only a few thoughts about venturing outside. Over the course of 2 long days, we completely cut out all the remaining blocks, sashing, borders and binding for my project. Piecing will now be a breeze. Thanks for the assistance!

The only work I have done this week is keeping up with campus e-mail. So much is happening in the office with the 2nd deposit deadlines that I cannot lose track of emails or the daily data reports.

Took mother to the airport this morning, so am now catching up on laundry and re-setting the extra bedroom for it’s regular use. Back to work in the morning . . .


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