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Monthly Archives: July 2009

Two weeks out from Orientation

The new students are moving to Vermont now; many are checking in with the Admissions Office just to say hi and to see what else they need to do before school starts. We are so happy to see them. This year has been a long journey both for the applicants and for those of us […]

Thanks, Kathy, for the welcome and perfect introduction to get me started! As Kathy pointed out, I just joined the Admissions staff after graduating. I had an exceptional three years here (if I didn’t, I doubt they would want me in Admissions) and I feel very fortunate that I am  sticking around! Making the transition […]

Mid-Summer Check-In

July is always an odd time in Admissions. Everyone thinks that it should be really quiet and many people are surprised that we are working – ha.  July is one of the busier months in the admissions cycle. On the one hand, we are still working to bring in the entering class with last minute […]