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Mid-Summer Check-In

July is always an odd time in Admissions. Everyone thinks that it should be really quiet and many people are surprised that we are working – ha.  July is one of the busier months in the admissions cycle. On the one hand, we are still working to bring in the entering class with last minute mailings, prep for Orientation, housing assistance, campus visits with families, etc.

At the same time, we are in over-drive planning for this coming fall. New publications are in the final draft stages, web sites and application materials are updated, travel schedules finalized for recruiting events, and prospects for 2010 are visiting the campus.

We have a banner class enrolling this fall – right now the number is over 230. It will drop a bit between now and August, but not too much. We still have a small wait list, but the signs are not looking good at this time.

I am delighted to announce a new position in the office, Associate Director of Admissions – filled by John Miller, a new graduate of the law school. As a student, he was very active across campus and was selected by his classmates to give the student speech at commencement. Also, he was selected by the faculty to receive the award as the student who best exemplified the spirit of the VLS community. Welcome aboard, John.

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