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Thanks, Kathy, for the welcome and perfect introduction to get me started!

As Kathy pointed out, I just joined the Admissions staff after graduating. I had an exceptional three years here (if I didn’t, I doubt they would want me in Admissions) and I feel very fortunate that I am  sticking around!

Making the transition from student to staff takes some time to get used to. I took advantage of the many opportunities to connect with faculty and staff while I was a student, which made joining the VLS team a breeze.  However, addressing professors by their first names takes some practice!

It feels great to be part of an institution that lives its mission. Through its programs, faculty, staff, and most importantly — its students, there is a level of consciousness present in this central Vermont town, that is like none other. Everyone here wants to make a difference, and collectively, this becomes a powerful force — which achieves results.

I am excited to be on the road this fall (just around the corner) to speak to all the perspective students and connect with alum along the way. VLS is a special place to grow personally and professionally. We attract passionate students, with passionate interests, and I look forwarding to creating classes that will change the world.

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