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The First Day of Orientation

The first morning of Orientation, when I am standing up in front of the new class, staff and faculty for the “welcome” speech is absolutely my favorite moment of the school year.

Today was no different.  It was a glorious summer morning, the fog was burning off and the mountains were magnificently green.  In front of me sat about 275 entering JD and MELP students – with every expression on their faces, from still half asleep to anxious anticipation.

My speech is so much fun because I include lots of interesting  facts about members of the class.  For example:

  • Cheerleader for the Green Bay Packers
  • Member of the Team USA in 2004 – World Synchronized Skating Championships in Croatia
  • 2 are proficient in American Sign Language and are active in the deaf community
  • Charter pilot in British Columbia and the Yukon Territory
  • 2 winemaker apprentices
  • Fluent in written Latin and written Ancient Greek
  • Member of college varsity rodeo team
  • Member of the Edelweiss Yodel Club – in Seoul, Korea
  • World Rope Skipping champion in 1997
  • Composed over 200 classical piano pieces and distributes them for free on various websites

Members of this class are fluent in 24 languages and dialects.  They come from 40 states and 172 undergraduate institutions – with 41 different majors.  What an interesting group of people and what a great start to a new year.


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