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Monthly Archives: September 2009

LSAT Administration Today

Today was the LSAT exam.  Earlier this week, I posted that we had 74 test takers registered, it was actually 72.  I knew that we had a number of overflow testers from other sites because people were calling from Hanover (Dartmouth) and Boston.  However, when I arrived at the school this morning at 7 am, […]

My first recruiting trip of the season

Last week I was down in Central Florida – my old stomping grounds – to visit undergraduate campuses.  On one hand, it felt like home again (I did live there for 16 years), but it also felt different.  The construction never ends.  Every place I went was just enough different to be confusing with new […]

Interesting Diversity on Campus

Part of the richness of the VLS community is our diversity and the interest in sharing who we are with each other.  The student organizations lead by providing really great events.  The wonderful problem is having to choose from numerous options! Just one example:  This is an email that went out on campus yesterday, advertising […]

Gearing Up for Travel

The office has emerged from an intense week long training with LSAC. We were introduced to our new software as Kathy explained in a previous post, and are now one of the handful of schools who have taken the leap to a paperless admissions office. This is so important for who we are, an institution […]

Labor Day Weekend

If you have been reading the student blogs, you can easily see that the first two weeks of classes have been a whirlwind of activities – both academic and fun.  As I mentioned in my last posting, the admissions staff spent last week in training.  Corey from LSAC was on campus to teach us the […]