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My first recruiting trip of the season

Last week I was down in Central Florida – my old stomping grounds – to visit undergraduate campuses.  On one hand, it felt like home again (I did live there for 16 years), but it also felt different.  The construction never ends.  Every place I went was just enough different to be confusing with new buildings, streets and even more traffic congestion.

It was great to renew acquaintances with pre-law advisors, career services officers and faculty; many of whom I have know way too long.  It is also invigorating to talk with new prospects as begin their research about law schools and discover the array of programs at Vermont.   Vermont???  The initial thought of moving from Florida to Vermont is daunting, but what a great adventure!

The September LSAT is this Saturday.  I am the site administrator for VLS; we have 74 registered participants.  Best wishes to all!


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