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LSAT Administration Today

Today was the LSAT exam.  Earlier this week, I posted that we had 74 test takers registered, it was actually 72.  I knew that we had a number of overflow testers from other sites because people were calling from Hanover (Dartmouth) and Boston.  However, when I arrived at the school this morning at 7 am, there was a cab sitting in front of the admissions office.  I walked over to see if I could be of assistance, it was two people from  New York.  Wow, I didn’t think to ask if they were from the city or from upstate.  I sent them up the street for some breakfast before the exam.

We ended up with 64 actually sitting for the exam – and as always, it was very smooth.  We had a late start, just because it takes so long so check in 64 people; between checking ID, signatures and finger printing, we can only move so fast.  Accuracy is more important.  Anyway, the exam started by 9:10 and lasted until about 1:30 – a long morning for all.

The leaves are magnificent.  We have an autumn chill in the air and rain is predicted for the next 6 days.  Summer is over . . . . and the cycle of the seasons of life continue.


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