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November Begins

It is now November 3rd, the first work day since the time change.  I must say that the hardest adjustment I had to make when I moved from Florida to Vermont was how early it gets dark.  It is 4:39 and the sky is dusk.  By 5:00 it will be completely dark – and it will only get darker of the next 7 weeks.  We are now paying the price for the 9:00 evenings of summer.  This too shall pass . . . the cycle of the seasons.

We had incredible wind and rain on Saturday night, the leaves are completely blown away and we have entered stick season – that brown flat period before the snow truly begins to cover us up.  I can’t believe that I am saying this, but I am ready for snow and winter.

Students are hunkered down for the long haul.  If you have been reading their blogs, you can easily see that the euphoria of entering law school has worn off.  Some classes have papers due, others have mid-terms, and final exams are next month.  All I can do is give hugs.

Had a great time last week on the campus of Schneider Univ. in Kerrville, Texas.  Thanks for the warm welcome!  Am off tomorrow for Iowa.

Open House is the 14th.  Info is on the admissions page – we are expecting quite a crowd, the more the merrier!



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