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Admissions Open House this Saturday

We are all back in the office this week to organize the Open House on Saturday.  Fingers are crossed for a perfect day.

First of all, we have had to move the campus location because of the large number of rsvp’s.  What a great problem!  Usually we have about 60 participants; this year we are anticipating well over 120.  I think the excellent response is due to moving the date from late October to mid-November and people have had a couple more weeks to be thinking about law schools.

The program is excellent.  During registration, we have currently enrolled students giving campus tours.  We have had so many students volunteer to be tour guides that we have had to turn some away.  First on the program, Prof. Latham is doing a short mock class.  He will introduce a case and then ask quesions of the participants.  This always gets people loosened up and interactive for the remainder of the day.  Then we talk about the biggest academic programs on the campus:  Environmental Law, International and Comparative Law and the Clinics and Experiential programs.

Lunch is always excellent.  Our cafe’ staff make incredible soups (vegetarian of course) and we spread out the ingredients for people to make their own sandwiches or salads.  Excellent home-made cookies round out the meal – yes, chocolate is a food group in Vermont!  Most of the ingredients for our meals come from local farms, so they are fresh and flavorful.

After lunch, I am leading the admissions and financial aid conversation, which usually lasts a bit over an hour, depending upon the number of questions.  And then, people just hang around and talk and talk and talk . . . 🙂

The weather is predicted to be excellent; you never can tell in November.

If you are interested in the Open House, just call the office to RSVP.  We need head counts for the food.

See everyone on Saturday.





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