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Fall Recruiting Wrap Up

This being my first recruiting season, I have so much to talk about!

My travels took me all over New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and California. I met some of the most intelligent, inquisitive, and insightful individuals. The level of preparation and depth of conversation was a bit surprising. I have seen the commitment that our current students have for advocating social change and the high level involvement on campus in projects and movements that make the world a better place. Upon reflection, I should have expected nothing less!

One of the reasons I am thrilled to be in this position, is that I travel and talk to prospective applicants all over the country (and world) about my experiences at VLS. Due to my belief in this institution and the mission and values it holds, I stand by the fact that we do produce individuals prepared the make social change a reality on various levels and in many disciplines. I never expected to “sell” the school, and in fact, the school does a wonderful job marketing itself through the achievements of our faculty, the work of our current students and alum, and the expertise of our administration.

The town of South Royalton needs a boost for the weary (especially after I am asked the population); however, the charm of the town takes care of that with one visit!

I am very excited to start reviewing applications. It always puts a smile on my face when I recognize a name from a fair and/or school I’ve visited.

I hope that the prospective applicants had as much fun learning about VLS as I did learning about them. My intuition tells me that if the applicant pool resembles the types of people I’ve met this fall, we are in for some hard decisions, and an amazing entering class of 2010.


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