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Happy Holidays to us all

One of the cool benefits for working in higher education is that colleges close for the Christmas holidays.  The law school closed about 1:00 on Wed the 23rd and re-opens on Mon, Jan 4th.  After a frenetic travel season this fall, all of us in Admissions can’t wait for this break.

Even though the school is closed and I am technically on vacation, it is impossible to completely shut down.  I still check e-mail each morning and evening, primarily because it is important to respond to applicant queries.  Also, I am spending a couple of hours each day reviewing completed applications.  Giving myself permission to “work” about 3 hours a days allows me to completely relax and enjoy free time the remainder of each day.  Also, sitting in my rocking chair with the laptop on my lap and wearing fuzzy slippers sure beats going into the office on these cold winter days!

So, what am I doing for fun and relaxation?  Well, I have a couple of cleaning projects that I just refused to deal with the last few months.  I am piecing a quilt and hope to complete the top this week.  Finally, the staff book club at the law school is reading “The Poisonwood Bible” by Barbara Kingsolver.  I read it several years ago and am enjoying reading it again.  When my eyes are too tired from reading files, quilting or reading, I have a knitting project that I started on the road this fall.

Of course, each day includes at least one outdoor jaunt with Orca Dog.  My mother made him a Univ of Georgia kerchief for Christmas.  He is so handsome .  Go Dawgs!

Best wishes to all for a safe and happy holiday season.


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