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Monthly Archives: January 2010

Don’t Fear Small Town Livin’

Let’s face it, it’s not for everyone. When talking with prospective students, a common question (naturally) is, where exactly is Vermont Law School located? This is one of my favorite questions. On the road, I pull out the map (one side is the Northeast, and the other side is the state of Vermont), and I […]

File Review Update, Spring Semester Travel

Now that we are in the heart of file review season, the fast turn-around from November and December has really slowed down.  The Faculty Committee is reviewing a number of applications, which adds a couple of weeks to the process.  This has been quite a transition year for all of us in that we are […]

MLK Holiday and Celebration

Yesterday (Monday) was a campus holiday.  It’s nice to have a day off so soon after returning from the big holiday break – we need another day off to re-group for the heavy work load over the next 3 months. Today, we have the celebration on campus.  Shirley Jefferson, Associate Dean for Student Affairs and […]

Vermont Alum Wynona Ward on Larry King Live

Wynona Ward ’98 and South Royalton Legal Clinic Clinician ’97 will be featured on CNN’s Larry King Live tonight from 9-10pm EST. Wynona is the Founder and Executive Director of, Have Justice Will Travel, which assists victims of domestic abuse through the legal process. You can also watch her on the CNN Hero video. A […]

Almost Ready for Spring…

Spring semester that is! The campus is in that limbo when staff are back from the holiday break but the students don’t return until next week. It’s quiet and we get to catch up on emails and projects. Although for us, we generally don’t get much enrolled student interaction, except for those stopping by to […]