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Almost Ready for Spring…

Spring semester that is!

The campus is in that limbo when staff are back from the holiday break but the students don’t return until next week. It’s quiet and we get to catch up on emails and projects. Although for us, we generally don’t get much enrolled student interaction, except for those stopping by to chat about their law school experiences.  I do find myself missing the background noise of students and the random “interesting” emails that some feel compelled to send, to everyone.

Burlington received a record snow fall of 33 inches last weekend! Luckily (in my opinion), we did not. 😉

Applications are coming in and I’ve been watching the number steadily rise everyday. I am eagerly awaiting my next batch to review! I might not say that next month, so get them in while I am still enthusiastic about it!

Application tip: Vermont Law School is not the University of Vermont. Check your essays and applications for consistency!


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