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MLK Holiday and Celebration

Yesterday (Monday) was a campus holiday.  It’s nice to have a day off so soon after returning from the big holiday break – we need another day off to re-group for the heavy work load over the next 3 months.

Today, we have the celebration on campus.  Shirley Jefferson, Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Diversity, grew up in Selma, AL during the civil rights era and she has the most amazing connections.  Every year, she brings in an inspirational speaker – and I look forward to today’s event.

We always include the students from the local high school in the MLK event.  Vermont is a very white state, so the young people have little knowledge of the civil rights era.  For most of them, the only African American people they know are the law students.

Dr. King, we have come a long way – and have so much further to go.  Happy Birthday.


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