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File Review Update, Spring Semester Travel

Now that we are in the heart of file review season, the fast turn-around from November and December has really slowed down.  The Faculty Committee is reviewing a number of applications, which adds a couple of weeks to the process.  This has been quite a transition year for all of us in that we are now completely paperless.  It took a while to work out all the kinks, but we are very happy with our new process – and we have reduced our carbon footprint!

We are about to hit the road again.  I am headed off to Arizona next week, attending the Western States pre-law advisors meeting.  So many of our applicants come from western colleges, that it really is beneficial for me to stay in close contact with colleagues from those institutions.  Also, I am spending a day on the campus of Thunderbird.  We have a range of dual degree programs with T-bird, so it is a pleasure to stop in and say hi to our great partners.

There are also several LSAC spring forums coming up.  John will be in California for the LA and Bay Area events.  Nancy is headed to Houston for the Texas forum.


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