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Don’t Fear Small Town Livin’

Let’s face it, it’s not for everyone. When talking with prospective students, a common question (naturally) is, where exactly is Vermont Law School located? This is one of my favorite questions. On the road, I pull out the map (one side is the Northeast, and the other side is the state of Vermont), and I start to observe the reaction. As I describe the small town of South Royalton, with inhabitants of less than 3,000, I am always amazed by the apprehension that slowly builds within them.

Once I intuitively realize this, I begin to assure them that we do have everything one would need: a laundromat, co-op grocery store, bank, post office, tavern, cafe, salon, and diner. Even so, it’s hard to grasp being in a place where the choices are minimal, when most come from a life where variety is in excess.

This certainly does not describe everyone. In fact, so many come to Vermont because of the New England charm, cohesive community, and comfort that a town of this size can provide.

There is another option for those that just can’t (or won’t) envision themselves in a town like South Royalton.

The law school, in conjunction with Stagecoach Transportation Services, has provided a bus route from Montpelier (the Capital) to VLS. The route is called the 89er North Commuter and will have you in front of VLS by 8am and will take you back, leaving VLS at 5pm.

This may be particularly attractive for those that come with a family, or a partner,  or just want to live in a more vibrant, populated place. While Montpelier is no metropolitan mecca, it’s a place I’ve come to call home, and we have some of the best food around (including being the home of the New England Culinary Institute). We have a great Farmers Market weekly (seasonal), movie theaters (including an independent theater, the Savoy) and all the charm you would expect from Vermont.

If small town livin’ is not for you, but Vermont Law is, know there are other options to keep your sanity, and study law at a truly remarkable institution.

See you on the Coach!

"See you on the coach!"


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