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Click, Scroll, Click, Click…

The sounds of application reviewing is about all you hear emanating from the admissions office this week. The silence has been a bit eerie on campus. I attribute it to the “February freeze,” where temperatures are lucky to get above 20 degrees.  We find ourselves wishing for snow, since then, we get a heat wave in the 30s.

Temperature quarrels aside , nothing beats the view when the sun rises over the mountains,  rays touching the earth, activating the colorful snow crystals that blanket Vermont. It’s a beautiful sight and I make sure to be aware of it each time I see it.

The March 1st application deadline is fast approaching and applications are pouring in. It’s interesting to “refresh” the screen to see the number of applications jump from hour to hour!  Yes, small things amuse me…

As Kathy mentioned in an earlier post, some travel is upon us. Nancy will be out doing the Texas forums and I will be doing the LA and bay area forums. I hope to see some of you out there later this month!

Tip: Have you applied for Financial Aid yet? Vermont Law has an institutional application in addition to filling out the FAFSA.


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