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Updates All Around

Our March 1st suggested application deadline has passed and we are up to our ears in applications! We received an incredible amount over the weekend and it will take some time to process all of them. Add this to the two snow days and power outage of last week, and we have quite the catching up to do!! If you submitted your application and have not received a formal confirmation email, do not worry, it just might take a couple extra days!

With all the running around we do in admissions, we don’t always get a chance to be updated on the many happenings around campus. Luckily, email is the force that binds us back together.

I recently received an interesting update from the Environmental and Natural Resource Law Clinic speaking to all the projects they are working on. These projects included a recent visit to China, with a focus on expanding environmental law clinics in Chinese law schools; working on creating a legal framework for protecting citizens rights to clean water; exploring coal country in Pennsylvania and the effects of contamination of local residents; A complaint filed with the EPA regarding failure to review air pollution regulations for nitric acid plants; and the Toxics Project, which is a series of non-litigation projects on behalf of community groups in New England who are engaged in conflicts involving contaminated sites or other environmental stressors.

This was only some of the more interesting items in a long list of great work the clinic is engaged in! Be sure to check out their webpage to stay updated:

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