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VT Supreme Court and Upcoming Events

Vermont Law School has a close relationship with the VT Supreme Court. Each year the Court treks down from Montpelier and holds a session in our court room in Oakes Hall. Court is in session all day and there are a variety of cases on the docket from environmental to criminal.

It’s a wonderful opportunity for students to see the law in action and especially to see an argument on an appellate level.  The community is allowed to come in and out of the room freely, thereby giving everyone a chance to see at least one argument. When I was a student, I made it a point to see at least one. Now as a staff member, I certainly do the same, dragging a few other members of the office with me. In a small community such as VT, it’s important to form close relationships with the surrounding legal community. Being the only law school in Vermont, it also gives us an advantage to tap into these resources and expose students to the law outside the classroom.

I wanted to outline some interesting upcoming events.

March 30th – The Woman’s Law Group is holding a reception honoring U.S. Federal District Court Judge, The Honorable Christina Reiss.

April 2nd – The VLS Sports and Entertainment Law Society, the National Sports and Entertainment Law Society with co-sponsorship by the Vermont Bar Association is holding a panel on Age Limits in Pro Sports. Details of the event can be found on the  Sports Law Blog, which our Professor Michael McCann is a contributing editor .


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