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The Dialogue Project

If you were to take a walk through the second level of Oakes Hall during the month of April, your eyes would catch various works of art and writings adorning the walls. The Alliance, our on campus LGBTQQ group, along Burlington based LGBT community center RU12, hosted an exhibition called, The Dialogue Project: Bridging Generations of LGBTQ Vermonters.

As reported on the RU12 website,  “The Dialogue Project is the first project in Vermont documenting the lives and contributions of LGBTQ elders and youth in Vermont through recorded oral history interviews; interpretive artwork and pieces from the Vermont Queer Archive collection.  The Dialogue Project creates space for LGBTQ voices to be recognized and celebrated as well as promote dialogue between generations and communities.”

Read more about The Dialogue Project and RU12 on their website:

The Dialogue ProjectThe Dialogue ProjectThe Dialogue Project


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