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Home from vacation and back to VLS

I was able to take a very special vacation the last week of May and took my mother to Ireland.  We spent 5 days in the Connemara region and 4 days in Dublin.  She is 81 and losing her stamina, so this is probably her last big venture.

We both love the outdoors, all animals and history so this adventure definitely met all of our vacation goals – between watching the wild Connemara ponies, chasing sheep out of the road, visiting the historic museums and my hiking up and down the hills while she sat in the visitors area and struck up conversations with everyone in sight.  At least once a day I was introduced to her newest friend with “Kathy, come meet this delightful young lady (or man) who is interested in going to law school.  I have given them your card.”

Returned to campus on Thursday – and only 900 email messages + assorted phone messages.  It only took two days to work through the large majority.  Also, am now reviewing the files of applicants on the JD wait list who now want to be considered for the MELP program.  My goal is to get decisions out by Wednesday.

The 2nd deposit deadline for admits is June 15.  By the following week, we will have a good sense of what is happening with the wait list.

John is out of the office for 2 weeks; this last week he was in Ft. Lauderdale at the national LSAC meeting and this coming week in North Carolina at the pre-law advisors meeting.  As much as he loves to travel, I am guessing that he will be happy to be home for a while.


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