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Monthly Archives: July 2010

The Bar Exam

This week is absolutely the most stressful period in the life of a law student / new graduate – the bar exam.  Depending upon the jurisdiction (state), the exam runs two days this week, Tuesday, Wednesday and/or Thursday.  Without passing this exam, you don’t practice law. Vermont graduates sit for the bar in about 35 […]

As July Winds Down

I don’t know about you, but I feel like this summer is flying by.  We only have one week of July left and I have not even done well with the summer to-do list.  Part of the problem has been the unseasonably warm weather – I can always find an excuse! Of course we continue […]

A Little R&R and Office Updates

It’s always good to get out of the office for a few days. We have been so busy preparing for fall that I needed to clear my head. After a quick trip to Chicago last week for some LSAC workshops, I went and took a couple days to visit  friends in Cape Cod. It was […]

Orientation and Making your Transition

The office has felt like being in a whirlwind these past couple of weeks. It’s amazing how much of a difference it makes when just one person isn’t in the office! While Kathy was attending her Institute, Nancy, Jen, and I were busy preparing the Orientation packets. This is no easy feat as it encompasses […]

Summer Heat has hit Vermont

The summer heatwave that is suffocating the northeast is definitely making itself known in Vermont.  In New England, three days of temps over 90 degrees is defined at a heat wave – and this is our first in 7 years.  We may be equipped for everything cold and snowy, but heat is a very different […]