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Summer Heat has hit Vermont

The summer heatwave that is suffocating the northeast is definitely making itself known in Vermont.  In New England, three days of temps over 90 degrees is defined at a heat wave – and this is our first in 7 years.  We may be equipped for everything cold and snowy, but heat is a very different scenario.

In the Admissions Office (air conditioned, thank you) we are balancing summer vacations with closing out this year’s class and revving up for the fall.  A few candidates have been admitted from the wait list, possibly more will be selected this week.

We are also planning the travel season for the fall.  Because the applicant pool is so national, we spread across the country, participating in the LSAC forums and college fairs from Alaska to Florida.  The pleasure of renewing friendships with pre-law and career advisors while meeting many of our prospective applicants overshadows the arduous travel schedule.


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