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Orientation Next Week!

It has been a busy week all across campus as final preparations are made for Orientation.

This is a fun time in Admissions as we witness the transition from applicant to matriculant. Over the past two weeks, many students and their families have been moving in and the campus wakes up with a renewed vibrancy. Most stop by the office to say hi, and it’s always great to meet those that we have been in contact with over the past year.  One of the advantages of being a smaller school is all the personal contact we are able to have with applicants, even before they get here. Generally when people stop by it’s the “I am finally here visit,” filled with excitement and enthusiasm.

Orientation also marks the start of travel planning. We have set an aggressive recruiting agenda for this fall and I am looking forward to it. Check out our new recruitment page that includes a calendar and state by state list.


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