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Classes Start and Temps Hit 90!

Now that orientation is over and the office has quieted down, we focus all our attention on the upcoming travel season.

In the last post I pointed out our new travel calender and Jen has been vigorously adding all the events to it. I did a quick tally and we are attending over 100 events all across the country! That is impressive for a small office such as ours. It’s always a great experience to meet one of us at an event and we encourage all prospective students to do so! Not only will we be your contact on the road, but we see you through the entire admissions process and right up to that first day of orientation! It’s fun to see all the familiar faces we work with all year finally show up and become part of the community.

Admissions also does private visits to colleges and we speak to pre-law and environmental student groups, or just a handful of students that are interested in VLS, or law school in general. The bulk of that happens in the spring but I have a couple visits already on my calendar for fall.

Classes started this Monday and all students are back on campus. We are having a bit of a heat-wave here in VT as temperatures have hit 90 this week. Emails went out today rallying people together to do an “end of summer tube” down the White River. Just in time for the rain that is forecasted for this holiday weekend!


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