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Early Fall

Mid-September in Vermont means that summer is ending fast and fall is well on its way.  Early am temp this morning was 42 degrees, with a hard frost higher up in the mountains.  The Tunbridge World’s Fair is this weekend, a glorious experience that VLS students come to love.  Everything from the music shows, pig races, rides for the kids, outrageous fried food, political debates, craft, food, flower exhibits, bring back memories of true Americana.

Nature is beginning the seasonal transition, leaves are starting to turn and the late summer wildflowers such as goldenrod are in their glory.

So, what is happening on campus?  As you can see from the student blogs, they are deep in their studies!  The first year students walk around campus with a dazed look on their faces as they work furiously to keep up with the class assignments.  It always takes a few weeks to develop an individual system for reading, briefing cases, study groups – and a bit of personal life.

The admissions team is on the road.  Nancy, Brian and John are all out on college campuses and LSAC Forums, talking with prospects and sharing the special programs of VLS.  We hope to see you!


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