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Happenings on Campus

The student organizations on campus are amazing. They are constantly thinking up creative ways to bring us together for fun activities, raise money for special projects – and always include great food!

On Thursday, the International Law Society sponsored International Food Day for lunch. At least 20 organizations participated by cooking culturally diverse food and setting up tables in the student center. We all brought our own plates and utensils and then wandered around, paying $1.00 per sample to put together an amazing lunch – and it was all vegetarian! Just some of the offerings were Greek, Italian, Mexican, Indian, Jewish, Mid-Eastern, Asian, etc. A new one this year was “American Southern” with biscuits, mac & cheese, and pecan pie 🙂 A great time was had by all – and lots of money was raised for very worthwhile projects.

A member of the faculty, Betsy Baker, has organized a BP Deepwater Horizon Spill Reading Group for interested faculty and students. The readings for the first meeting included two CRS reports:

C. L. Hagerty, J. L. Ramseur, Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill: Selected Issues  for Congress, May 27, 2010, Congressional Research Service, 7-5700 R41262

Robert Meltz, “Federal Civil and Criminal Penalties Possibly Applicable to Parties Responsible for the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill,” August 16, 2010, Congressional Research Service, 7-5700 R41370.


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