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Adventures on the Road

Last week was the most perfect travel week ever.  On Tuesday, I flew to Colorado Springs to talk with students at Colorado College and with an academic advisor at the Air Force Academy.  My flight left at at 6:30 am, which meant that I had to leave the house at 4 am.  When I got to the airport, they were asking for volunteers to give up their seat, assuring a seat in a later flight the same day.  I volunteered, always collecting free tickets for son in Florida to come visit Vermont.  Hurrah!

Arrived at the Residence Inn in Colorado Springs and was informed that I had been upgraded to a “pent house suite” – at the Residence Inn?  It was a two story, two suite room, the size of my house!  The best part was looking out my window directly at Pike’s Peak.

Had a great event at Colorado College, always an excellent connection for VLS.  Several students had talked with John the previous day at the UC Boulder event, but he was so busy they could not ask him the questions.  Thanks for the conversations!

The Air Force Academy was equally productive.  We have continually have several LLM students who come to us through the JAG programs, so it is important to keep in touch with the academies.

After the two campus visits, I had a couple of hours to drive through the Garden of the Gods, the magnificent red rocks.  Had not acclimated to the high altitude, so a real hike was out of the question.  I was huffing and puffing on the flat ground.

Toronto was next on the agenda, participating in the first LSAC sponsored Toronto Forum on Friday evening.  About 75 US law schools joined our colleagues from the Canadian schools to talk with over 700 candidates.  VLS enrolls Canadian students each year, so this was a perfect format for us to connect with a number of prospects for this year.

Best of all, the Dali Lama was staying in our hotel!  As I stood in the lobby on Saturday morning, he and his group walked through.  I saw the Dali Lama!!  He looked in my direction and smiled, I will always believe he was smiling at me.  Though we have different spiritual beliefs, he is such an amazing hero.

This week will be hard to beat!


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