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November Snow in Vermont – Open House

We are in the midst of my least favorite time of year,  38 degrees and pouring rain.  Of course, it means that winter snow is on it’s way.  Yesterday I was in Burlington for an event at UVM and had a glorious view of our highest mountain peaks.  They were absolutely magnificent with the sun glistening on the snow and ice.  Killington is now open and the other major resorts will open within the next few days.

Last Saturday, husband and I were running errands around town and occasionally observed light flurries in the air.  In the parking lot down the hill from our house sat a pick-up truck with the snow plow attached.  We both yelled and pointed “first snow plow sighting”.  The white of winter will be here soon.

We are prepping for the open house on the 13th.  With well over 80 RSPV’s and another 50 anticipated next week, we look forward to a great gathering.  As part of the complimentary luncheon, we have the most yummy soups made with local ingredients.  Be sure to RSVP by Friday!


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