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Admissions Update – Mid-November

The Open House was last Saturday, with well over 100 participants.  The sun was shining, a beautiful fall day.  A great time was had by all; final guests left campus about 4:00.

Real snow will happen in the near future.  We had some ice and heavy flurries this morning – enough so that we had our first snow plow sighting on the highway.  Yesterday afternoon, the stakes were set along the sidewalks so that the plows will have a path after the first heavy snowfall in the next couple of weeks.  The ski resorts have been open for a couple of weeks, so our time has come.

Now that the fall travel season is winding down – the Houston Forum tomorrow closes out the semester – we are shifting gears into the file review process.  We have a large group of completed files for all programs and are eager to begin reading them.  A goal is to get as many decisions out by the holiday break in December as we can.

Happy Thanksgiving Holidays to all – we are very grateful for our abundance of energetic applicants!

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