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Recruitment Wrap Up

I make my return to the VLS blogosphere!

It’s amazing how busy travel season is and how little time (and to be honest not a ton of motivation) to do anything but focus on travel and recruitment. Extensive travel is a fun part of this job, but it’s a draining and hectic part. When you are in a different city, time-zone, rental car, and hotel everyday of the week, it is disorienting and at times a bit maddening. Thankfully, there are only a couple trips like that! It makes you appreciate when you can actually stay in one spot for a few days. With all the headaches that travel season may bring, I love it. I love seeing new places, and most importantly, I enjoy meeting with all the potential VLS students and visiting our alumni along the way!

There has been a lot of talk about attendance being down at fairs and the LSAC forums, and how exactly this will impact the admissions cycle. I certainly noticed this, but I also noticed that in regions where we typically do well, I had the normal stream of interested students. I did feel that applicants were putting more time and thought into their decision to attend law school. I found myself answering more questions surrounding whether someone should go to the best ranked school overall or best ranked in a given specialty (and the differing viewpoints surrounding this).  This answer varies on career goals and expectations (in relation to what skills/internships can be obtained) and regional preferences. The overall nature of the conversations were more intimate than last year.

This was also true when speaking about law school education overall and whether or not law school is the right path to achieve a certain career goal. This is exactly what speaking to us at fairs is all about! It’s about how law school, and specifically VLS, can help build a future. If I feel that a different program (whether that be a different law school or degree), would be a better fit for that goal, I will suggest that without hesitation. If VLS is not the right fit, it does not help either of us in the long run.

If there is one theme to take away, it’s that the word ADVOCATE is the perfect embodiment of what VLS is. Whether that manifests in the form of an attorney, consultant, organizer, lobbyist, politician,  or journalist, this is what our students are interested in and this is what most ultimately do with their lives. It may not be the predestined path that people impose upon you once you utter the words, “I want to go to law school,” and that’s OK. Life is about making our own choices, and through those choices we create our future, the way we intend it to be.

Some favorite shots from this season:

Snoqualmie Falls - Washington StateBYU - UtahUC San Diego Library


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