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Faculty News, Updates, and Tips!

We have a couple exciting things going on in Admissions and at VLS.

Kathy posted about this before but there is a lot of buzz surrounding the VLS Top 10 Environmental Watch List. If you don’t already follow us on Facebook, make sure you “like” us and keep informed.

It’s not uncommon for VLS faculty and administrators to get appointed to high profile positions. Back in May, Professor Tseming Yang, Director of the China-Partnership and Professor of Law, was appointed Deputy General Counsel for International Affairs at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Continuing with that trend, we recently found out that Associate Professor and Director of VLS’s Environmental and Natural Resource Law Clinic and Land Use Clinic David Mears ’91, has been appointed as the Commissioner of the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation. This is exciting news for Professor Mears! It also substantiates our reputation as the top environmental law school in the nation.

On the admissions front, we are deep into file reading as applications continue to come in. We are doing our best to get all the files that were complete as of Dec 1st read so we can render some “early” decisions (we don’t have a formal early decision program). Overall, we have been impressed with the quality and attention to detail that you are putting into the essays! It’s been wonderful to read about all the interesting experience both domestic and abroad. If you still haven’t applied, don’t worry, we are just getting started!

Did you know that we are a nearly paperless office? This means that we send most of our correspondence via email and admissions decisions (and other information about your file) is available using the online status checker. It is important that you make sure we have the correct email address on file!

2 Application Tips:

Make sure to submit your resume! The resume is a required part of the application. For help with resumes, see your undergraduate career services office. You want it to look professional and polished.

If you have checked “yes” to any of the Character and Fitness questions, make sure to submit an addendum (short paragraph) explaining why. This will help move your application along.


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