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A Perfect Winter Holiday

The law school is closed this week, so we are all on break.  The weekend was very busy with holiday happenings, so I feel like today is the first real day of vacation.

First of all, the snow finally arrived in Vermont.  Our area in the central portion of the state received about 6 inches of new snow, perfect for outdoor fun.  Dog and I went snowshoeing for a couple of hours.  Actually, I was working the snowshoes and he bounced like a pup and kept trying to herd me.  (He is half golden retriever and half border collie  – a big furry baby.)

Worn out and cold, we returned home to thaw out and do a little bit of work.  I read some really great application files, caught up on VLS e-mail and wrote thank you notes for gifts.

Then, the highlight of my day!  Today’s Oprah show was the “Sound of Music” special, celebrating the movie’s 45th anniversary.  Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer and all 7 children were on the show.  Also, 4 of the Von Trapp great-grandchildren sang Eidelweis.  It was just as good as the movie 🙂

If you are a “Sound of Music” fan, you have to make a special stop when you come to Vermont.  When the Von Trapp family fled from Austria, they came to the U.S. and established an inn in Stowe, Vermont.  It is still a very popular and beautiful ski lodge today.  When you go in the main lodge, you see walls full of photos of the family.  About 45 minutes north of VLS, exit 10 on I-89 – it is definitely worth the stop.



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