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Agriculture Law and Policy Conference

Pollinate and Cultivate:   Seeding the Future of Our Food

Thursday, January 27th & Friday, January 28th

Location: Chase Center, Vermont Law School

Pollinate and Cultivate is a student-organized conference designed to inspire creative solutions to the many challenges facing our current food systems.  This conference will examine various issues surrounding the way the world eats; from local movements to national policy and global impacts. Given the troubled state of our current food systems, the goal of this conference is to discuss and discover new, creative solutions and provide listeners with ideas and inspiration in working toward a better food future.  We hope to encourage valuable conversations, engage students, and enhance partnerships between those working in agriculture and those working in the law.

Organized by:

Animal Law Society,  Dartmouth Energy Collaborative,  Environmental Law Society,  Food and Agricultural Law Society,  Freshwater Working Group,   International Law Society,  Law Students for Reproductive Justice,  National Lawyers Guild,  Native American Law Students Association,  Student Bar Association


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