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An example of our student experiences at VLS

If you have ever wondered what a student actually “does” in the legal clinc, here is a great example.  The student’s faculty supervisor sent out this e-mail to the campus this afternoon.  (I deleted the student’s name to preserve confidentiality.)

VLS was celebrating MLK Day ( and it looked like a great program) and fretting on the snow,  a VLS student was appearing for most of the day before the Superior Court Windsor Unit Family Division, with me.   The student was representing a disabled woman, mother of 4 teenagers. Her husband of 20 + years split on her @ 1 year ago to take up with her best friend.   A year later after his fling fell apart he literally muscled his way back in to the home and wanted the Court to award custody of three of the children and possession of the home to him, because the client was “nuts”.   She had two brain aneurisms with profound short term memory loss.
Our student had sacrificed part of her holiday break, spent countless hours preparing this woman for trial.   She presented her case with complete aplomb, arguing points of evidence and entering exhibits.   At the end of the day, the Court gave the client everything she asked for.   And while it may seem to some  like just another divorce,  the student’s patience, compassion and professionalism made a huge difference in the life of this very vulnerable woman and was a marvelous reflection on this school.



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