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Wynterfest at VLS

The winter weather in New England has been all over the news – temps well below O, feet of snow, etc.  So, at the law school this week, we are celebrating Wynterfest!  Student and Faculty teams participate in events and points are tallied.

Monday: Spelling Bee & Win, Lose or Draw
Tuesday: Snowball Throwing Contest and Snow Sculptures
Wednesday Broomball prelims
Thursday:  Broomball Championships 12:45 – 2:00 PM Town Green  AND Trivia & Ice Cream Eating Contest at Crossroads at 6:00 PM.
Saturday:  Barrister’s Ball 8:00 PM at the Hilton in Burlington
As you can see from these snow sculpture photos, students are not recruited for their artistic abilities – but great fun is had by all.

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