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Application Deadline 3/1 – You Can Still Apply!

I pry my eyes away from reading files and answering emails to post an update!

Kathy and my conversations for the past several weeks have sounded like this:
Kathy: “Have you written in the Blog lately?”
John: “No, it’s on my to-do, just haven’t had time. You?”
Kathy: “Nope, but been thinking about it.”

Then we both laugh a bit. We are so busy that the blog had to take a back seat while we focus on the important work- rendering admission decisions!

Speaking of applications, we are moving along and are currently reading at a completion date of 2/1/11. If your file is complete as of 2/1 or after, we are getting there! Make sure to check your online status for the most up to date information regarding your application.

Yesterday was the application deadline for all programs. However, we will still accept applications! If you took the February LSAT, apply now, and the score will automatically be released to us when it is reported by LSAC.

Some exciting news today out of the Environmental and Natural Resource Clinic:

The ENRLC is very pleased to announce that it has prevailed on summary judgment in the Vermont Environmental Court after three years of litigation concerning groundwater contamination at the Omya mineral processing facility in Florence, Vermont. For years, Omya has dumped its waste into unlined pits, which has caused the groundwater under its facility to become contaminated with arsenic and aminoethyl ethanolamine (AEEA). Our clients, the Residents Concerned about Omya (RCO), have been advocating for the protection of this groundwater at this site for over seven years. Today, Judge Wright of the Environmental Court ruled in RCO’s favor and determined that the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources (ANR) must conduct a public trust analysis when issuing a waste disposal certification for activities that may impact groundwater. This ruling is the first interpretation of Vermont’s 2008 law designating groundwater of the State as a public trust resource. Accordingly, the ENRLC has played an important part in establishing a groundbreaking precedent that will help protect the groundwater resources of the State for future generations of Vermonters. Omya’s final certification has been vacated, and the final certification has been remanded to ANR to perform this analysis.

Read the Decision!

Our congrats to the ENRLC attorneys and student clinicians!

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