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VLS Retains #1 Environmental Law Ranking!

For the third year in a row, VLS continues to be number one in the nation for environmental law!

The moment of suspense builds as we creep closer to the release of the rankings.  Every member of the VLS community works hard to consistently provide opportunities for our students. A tremendous amount of energy and resources are invested into our renowned environmental programs and it shows. It’s much more than keeping status quo; it’s creating an institutional atmosphere that values  and encourages our students, faculty, and staff, to seek out issues that have an impact upon our civilization, and our planet.

You will notice that US News has changed it’s ranking reporting. It no longer has as many tiers as in previous years. It now lists “Best Law Schools” and then every school after is considered “Second Tier.” VLS falls into the “Best Law Schools” category, ranking #117 overall.

Along with our top environmental ranking, VLS is featured in other specialty rankings. We are ranked #30 in Best Clinical Training and #96 overall when Law Firms Rank Schools. While we are no stranger to the clinical rankings, the latter is another new feature that US News has rolled out this year. The premise behind this ranking is to have lawyers rate the reputation and academic quality, and from that data produce the top 100 law schools. For VLS, this highlights our strong reputation across the nation with recruiters and hiring partners from highly rated firms.

Congratulations to our faculty and staff for the continued excellence in their given fields. Most importantly, gratitude and appreciation go out to our students and alumni, for without them VLS would not exist! It’s a good day on the VLS campus!

*Note that you might not be able to view the entire rankings without a subscription.


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