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Last Week of Classes

This is the last week of classes for the spring semester and it appears that spring has officially decided to arrive! Woohoo! I am going to call it at this point and forecast the end of snow or “swinter” as Kathy calls it. There is still some snow hanging out in front of Oakes Hall, but if we continue to have days like today (78.1!), it shouldn’t last long.

Oakes Hall

Will the snow ever melt??

The past few weeks have been busy in the office. We have had a lot of admitted students visiting the campus, meeting with departments, and just getting the “VLS vibe.” I firmly believe that you  should visit the campus of any school that you are seriously considering attending. Whether it’s one year for the MELP or three years for the JD, it’s a significant time and monetary commitment, and you want to be comfortable with your decision.

Most of our applications have been read and offers have been made. We will continue to accept and review applications that come in and will be addressing waitlisted candidates in the next couple of weeks.

For all our admitted students – If you are still waiting to hear about financial aid, make sure you have filled out your FAFSA and added VLS to your list of schools (G11934).  See the Financial Aid section of our webpage for more information.


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