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An Example of LLM Research Topics

We are  extremely pleased to announce that Jane Graham, VLS LL.M. in Environmental Law 2011, has had her thesis accepted by the Tulane Environmental Journal.  The Winter 2011 issue will include Jane’s Snakes on a Plain, or in a Wetland:  Fighting Back Invasive Nonnative Animals (Proposing a Federal Comprehensive Invasive Nonnative Animal Species Statute) (abstract below). This thesis represents 18 months of intensive research and thoughtful reflection.  Jane fielded several offers to publish this article before choosing to go with Tulane.

Jane is currently an Everglades Policy Associate at Audubon of Florida, where she advocates on behalf of Everglades restoration and wildlife protection.


This paper argues for the establishment of a federal comprehensive invasive nonnative animal statute. Scholars and regulators have advised the federal government to create a comprehensive scheme, but no such statute or proposed statute exists.  Part 1 examines the problems non-native invasive species pose to America, laying the groundwork for the purpose section of the statute. Part 2 crafts a rubric that could be utilized to create a comprehensive invasive species statute in the United States, including prevention, punishment, cost recovery and liability, and incentives. Part 3 looks at the strength and deficiencies of the current federal statutes and frameworks for regulating nonnative invasive species, analyzing the Lacey Act and Executive Order 13112, as well as the National Invasive Species Act (which addresses only aquatic nuisance species) and statutes related to single species. Part 4 explores other tools currently available in federal and state laws that may apply to invasive species under certain circumstances. The evaluation will demonstrate that the invasive animal law puzzle has missing pieces and illuminate what would be needed to create a comprehensive statute. Part 5 consolidates these ideas, returns to the rubric, and crafts a framework and offers suggestions for a model federal statute.


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