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The summer is over . . . academically speaking

Today is the first day of orientation for the entering MELP students and a portion of the entering JD students who are in Jumpstart.  Full orientation begins on Monday morning and classes begin a week from Monday.  This is our transition back to winter hours, more professional attire and students swarming the campus.  Each year, we moan and groan that the summer went too fast, the “to-do” list is only partially completed and the hours of daylight are slowly diminishing.  We have received heavy rain over the last two days, which has caused leaves to begin dropping from the trees.  I looked out the kitchen window this morning and discovered way too many yellow leaves on the grass.  At 10:30 in the morning, the temperature is 58 degrees.

Secretly, I love the transition between seasons and changes in any cycle.  After spending the majority of my adult life in central Florida, I embrace the full force of 4 seasons and the cycle of our life force.  It is an amazing experience that I have now relished for 10 years and never want to leave.

Welcome to our new students and faculty.  A new year begins ~


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