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Dispute Resolution Program at VLS

The Dispute Resolution Program will be commemorating 30 years of teaching dispute resolution at Vermont Law School this October 12th with a star-studded conference.  While Jack McCrory may have been teaching this material before 1981, we chose this date to commemorate the publication of three famous articles in the Vermont Law Review on environmental mediation that are still cited today.  The authors, Jack McCrory, Josh Stulberg and Larry Susskind, have all agreed to return to South Royalton to discuss what we have learned in the last 30 years on the topic of Environmental and Public Policy Mediation.

The morning starts with a panel of the authors that Prof. Sean Nolan will moderate.  Then, Amy Cohen, an exciting young mediation scholar from Ohio State, will give the a luncheon keynote on “Public Dispute Resolution and a Democratic Theory of Professional Facilitation.”  The day will end with three mater classes offered by Josh, Larry and Phil Harter.

Seating is limited for the lunch and the master class, but the morning panel is open.  The subject matter for morning panel – how involved should mediators be in shaping agreements for the parties – is relevant to many areas of practice.  In fact, this has been one of the “hot button” issues in mediation theory and practice for many decades.


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