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Vermont Supreme Court to hear cases at VLS

Following a long tradition, the Vermont Supreme Court will sit at VLS on Morch 28th to hear several cases.  The docket this year is really interesting and varied.  It includes an important Environmental law matter, with a 50 minute hearing on the very controversial Lowell wind turbine cases.

The Court will also hear a constitutional/family law case considering the rights of a biological father after another man has been declared the child’s legal father pursuant to statutory law; an evidence case involving the application of the curious “doctrine of chances” and the admissibility prior bad acts; a separation of powers question related to the court’s power to order mental health evaluations; and a Fourth Amendment/Article 11 challenge to the constitutionality of a traffic stop.

Of special interest for our first year students, the Court will also hear a property case, on the question on whether –in dividing a couple’s property- the trial court should have found that the couple’s long term relationship had created a partnership or constructive trust.


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