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Navajo Peacemaking Presentation Today on Campus

Just a friendly reminder that there will be a Navajo Peacemaking presentation TODAY at 5PM.  Here is some information about the three speakers:

Louise Grant is from Standing Horse (Dilkon, Arizona).  She is from the Tséníjíkiní (Cliff Dwelling Clan) and born for Táchii’nii (Red-Running-Into-The-Water Clan).  Her maternal grandfather’s clan is Tótsóhnii (Big Water Clan), and her paternal grandfather’s clan is Kinyaa’nii (Towering House People). Justice Grant was confirmed as a District Court Judge by the Navajo Nation Council on December 30, 2005.  Before becoming a judge, Judge Grant was a tribal court advocate in both civil and criminal cases.  Among other things, she represented the Navajo Nation in Indian Child Welfare Act cases, worked as a public defender for adults and juveniles, and she prosecuted juvenile sexual abuse cases.  She remains an active member of the Navajo Nation Bar Association.


Ruth Alexius is from Fort Defiance, Arizona.  She is from the Folded Arms People and the Fork Clan.  Her maternal grandfather’s clan is the Towering House Clan, and her paternal grandfather’s clan is the Bitterwater Clan.  Ms. Alexius got her substance abuse and counseling degree from the University of New Mexico.  She is a licensed substance abuse counselor (for 27 years) and certified Peacemaker (for 20 years).  Ms. Alexius believes that counseling and peacemaking go hand-in-hand, and finds much satisfaction out of her role in her community.  She employs both traditional Navajo customs and western practices in her work, communicating in both Navajo and English during the peacemaking sessions.  Ms. Alexius specializes in cases involving alcohol, drugs, and domestic violence.


Brenda Anderson is originally from (Kin lani) Flagstaff, Arizona and was raised at Nazlini, Arizona. She is from the Sun Clan and born for Tabaaha (Water’s Edge clan). Her maternal grandfather’s clan is Ket l ahi (Pima Clan) and her paternal grandfather’s clan is Tachiinii (Red Running Into the Water People Clan). Brenda is employed with DNA-People’s Legal Services, Inc., at the Fort Defiance Office and is a Tribal Court Advocate. She is a licensed and active bar member of the Navajo Nation Bar Association. She represents clients in both civil and criminal cases as well as Administrative and Public Benefit cases within the Navajo Nation. She has been involved and assisted the Navajo Nation Bar Association for over years as a Chairperson and/or committee member and is a VITA volunteer tax preparer for over 10+ years and other duties in her community. She has been involved with the Navajo Nation Courts and has over 26 years old legal experience.  She presently resides in St. Michaels, Arizona with her family.


I hope that you will join us at 5pm in Oakes 110.  Dinner will be served.


Sponsored by: NALSA, WLG, Student Activities Office, and Dispute Resolution and Distance Learning Programs.


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