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Something to Be Proud Of

Last night, the House Chamber of the Vermont State House was packed with citizens who testified unanimously in support of H. 722, an act relating to the labeling of food produced with genetic engineering.  Several of your colleagues – Taylor Curtis, Rebekah Weber, James Maroney, Jennifer Snow, and Josh Donabedian (with the assistance and support of Summer Starr, Melissa Schlobohm, and Jenna Whitson) – gave eloquent and educated testimony on both the legal aspects of the bill, as well as the policy ramifications.


If passed, this bill will likely represent the first such law in the United States (if Connecticut doesn’t pass their version first) and your fellow classmates will have helped to generate a major shift in our current approach to food policy.  You should be proud of their contribution to such a historical evening. Regardless of where you fall with respect to this issue, your colleagues demonstrated that Vermont Law School produces thoughtful advocates with the ability to speak authoritatively on important issues. I, for one, felt incredibly proud to witness them in action.

Prof. Laurie Beyranevand

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