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Needed This Saturday

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Dave Matthews Band (here is a way to put people into factions) has a song called “Pig.” In it, Dave sings: “Don’t burn the pig. Don’t throw the day away.”

With this in mind, we don’t want to jump ahead of the cornucopia of ways to get involved, learn something, and make a difference this Earth Week that the Environmental Law Society has put together. Or the fact that it’s beautiful beach weather outside. RIGHT. NOW.

But speaking of beaches, Hurricane Irene left a whole slew of them along Route 14, and ELS, Phi Alpha Delta and the White River Partnership are teaming up this Saturday to clean them up from 12-3 p.m. Anyone interested, please come by Oakes during those times to lend a hand. Gloves and boots are recommended. Bags and inspiring words will be provided.

1L Colleague Robert Harper has been good enough to commit his truck to moving our piles of rubbish back to the lower Oakes Parking Lot towards the end of the day. But we’re expected a big haul, so if anyone else has an open-bed pickup, we would love to have to you on the team.

Please consider making a few trips back and forth for a great local environmental cause!




Jeffrey Fucci

Vice Justice, Phi Alpha Delta

Vice President Elect, Student Bar Association
Vermont Law School
(201) 245-1164  

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