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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Examining Gun Control

Recent events involving gun violence—including the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Vice President’s Biden’s gun task force, pending state and federal  gun control legislation and the ongoing public debate on guns and violence—led to an amazing discussion in my Scientific Controversies class a couple weeks ago on gun control.  This class was typical of […]

VLS graduates = Change-Makers

What will you do when you graduate from Vermont Law School? You will, of course, make that decision for yourself, but I predict you will become a change-maker, like so many of your fellow alumni. Here are a few stories from some of our recent grads. Jon Hamlin ‘10 and two friends co-founded Sustainable Aerodynamic […]

Continuous Reminders

On the first day of Corporations class this January, I invited students to introduce themselves and then to ask me anything.  Some posed serious questions about my work experience, and others whimsical ones about my favorite bands and whether I liked to ski. One of the first students to inquire asked why I’d chosen to […]